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Brainfoodbooks is a non-profit dedicated to encourage reading by children of all ages. We believe that reading is critical for early language development, success in education and advancement of problem-solving skills.

We support the influence that a heath care provider has on all aspects of a child’s development. A well child checkup provides an excellent format for encouraging parents to read to children and for children to continue a lifelong love of reading.

Our program joins literacy efforts throughout the community by encouraging health care providers to distribute books to their pediatric patients at all well care visits.

Donations are used to purchase books through local businesses whenever possible. We help organize the selection and delivery of titles to each office and train personnel about the impact they have on the choice to read. We also place books in waiting areas to reflect the support of literacy throughout a practice.

We Support:

The King's English Bookshop
1511 South 1500 East
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100% of every dollar you give will be
used to purchase books for kids.

Many groups are working hard,
please help them too.

Moments you spend reading with a
child will benefit them for years.

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